• Юридические услуги юридическим лицам
    Your benefit to our advantage!

    Legal and consulting support agency RAUT, LLC. has been on the legal services market since 2003

  • Услуги юридическим лицам и ип
    10 years in the market of legal services

    10 years of professional success and ensure stability! High quality legal services to the company "Rout" is recognized as the leading companies in the region

  • Индивидуальный подход к каждому клиенту
    Individual approach to each client

    The experience gained by us during the whole time of work, allows us to offer our clients high quality of legal services

  • Юридическая фирма Раут, работающая по всей России - офис в Чебоксарах
    Responses to questions

    Практикующие и опытные юристы в АЮКП "Раут" дадут свои ответы на часто задаваемые вопросы

    Читать ответы
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    Консультанты по бизнес иммиграции в Европу Вид на жительство

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Судебная практика агентства
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Бухгалтерское сопровождение бизнеса
Бухгалтерские услугиБухгалтерское сопровождение бизнесаMore

Individual approach to each client, Agency lawyers experienced in seeking mutually beneficial cooperation conditions and strict confidentiality provide the ability to successfully perform a wide range of legal services.

Agency legal and consulting support "RAUT"

Welcome to the website of the law firm "Raut"!

Your benefit to our advantage!

Legal and consulting support agency RAUT, LLC. has been on the legal services market since 2003. The agency combines high-skilled professionals with significant experience in the field of civil, corporate, international, and bankruptcy law. Our experience to date allows us to offer our clients high-quality legal services. Our best practice is more than 900 completed arbitration cases, and cases at courts of general jurisdiction.

Our legal firm renders services in the Chuvash Republic and surrounding regions: Republic of Tatarstan, Mari-El, Mordovia, Nizhegorodskaya Region, and abroad.
In terms of bankruptcy — legal support of more than 70 bankrupt companies, including core companies. Close cooperation with Self-regulated Organizations of Arbitration Managers, including the Self-regulated Interregional Non-government Organization ASSOCIATION OF ANTI-CRISIS MANAGERS, Non-profit Partnership SELF-REGULATED ORGANIZATION OF ARBITRATION MANAGERS OF FUEL-AND-ENERGY SECTOR NATURAL MONOPOLY ENTITIES (accredited since 2009).

In terms of corporate law — constant participation in corporate conflicts, both as company and shareholders ' (members ') representative. As a rule, conflict situations are resolved in form of an agreement between opposing parties.

Individual approach to each client, agency experts ' significant experience, mutually beneficial cooperation conditions, and strict confidentiality allow us to successfully perform a wide range of legal services.

Keypractices of:
  • Налоговая практика

    We are glad to share their experiences making optimum and safe taxation

  • практика банкротства
    Insolvency Practice

    Legal regulation of insolvency

  • Юридические услуги для бизнеса - фирма Раут
    Dispute Resolution

    Legal resolution of disputes in court and out of court

  • Юридическая компания Раут - официальный сайт

    Legal support of any corporate procedures

  • Услуги юристов для юридических лиц
    Offshore and offshore

    Ready for European companies, registration and re-registration of the company

  • Юридические услуги организациям
    Registration of certificates, identity tolerance

    ISO certification, licensing and CPO

A full range of legal services of the Agency:

  • Complex service organizations

  • Representation in courts of all levels

  • Participation in tax disputes

  • Representing foreign companies

  • Representation in bankruptcy cases

  • Participation in corporate conflicts

  • Assistance in conducting meetings of shareholders

  • Representation during audits

  • Offshore company registration

  • Iso Certification. Entry into CPO. Licensing

  • Appeal against decisions of regulatory authorities

  • Creating legal entities of any form of property

  • Other legal services

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