Happy-WorkersThe Legal & Consulting Support Agency RAUT offers a number of options of payment for rendered services at the election of a client.

  1. payment for a specific case (drawing up of a specific contract, specific transaction support, agency in court on a specific case, one-time registration of amendments made to charter documents, etc.);

  2. monthly fixed payment within the frame of legal outsourcing. The option provides for a complex of services for a fixed payment. That is assistance in the drawing up of contracts, work with debtors, including by means of legal recourse, assistance by regulatory body inspections, administration of corporate cases, etc.

As a rule, most of our clients seeking our assistance on a specific case later sign a contract for the rendering of legal services on a regular basis. We believe — and our clients are of the same opinion — that an effective and dynamically developing company should rather use legal outsourcing services.

  1. In each case services rendered are priced on an individual basis. Preliminary analysis of a problem is conducted and documents are examined. As a result we come up with a commercial proposal, specifying terms and conditions of cooperation, possible solutions to an issue, objective fulfillment deadline and cost of services.

  2. As a rule, the agency in court payment comprises a fixed amount for participation in court proceedings and a bonus upon receipt of an amount recovered to client’s account.