Практика банкротства в АЮКП Раут

В АЮКП Раут решают проблемы, связанные с банкротством

Agency "Rout" has considerable experience of projects related to the bankruptcy, which was formed as a result of our participation in an advisory capacity as debtor, creditor and liquidator.

Number of productions on Insolvency (bankruptcy) in which we have been directly involved with the 2003 year, had long since exceeded one hundred.

Products and services

Under the protection of the rights of the lender:

  • institution of proceedings on bankruptcy of the debtor;
  • the inclusion of customer requirements in the requirements of the bankruptcy creditors;
  • the appeal of illegal failure to include requirements in the requirements of the bankruptcy creditors;
  • disputes relating to the obtaining of property wrongfully included in the bankruptcy estate of the debtor;
  • disputes connected with the return of property belonging to the debtor;
  • appeal of actions of an arbitration Manager;
  • participation in meetings of the competition of creditors;
  • appeal against the outcome of the bankruptcy creditors meeting;
  • challenging the transactions of the debtor.

Under the protection of the rights of the debtor:

  • predbankrotnyj analysis of the debtor, his assets, documents, transactions, accounts payable;
  • preparation of the necessary recommendations;
  • full support during the bankruptcy process.

Promoting arbitration Manager:

  • promoting arbitration Manager in the registry of the claims of creditors and bankruptcy creditors meeting;
  • objections to the unreasonable demands of creditors filed for inclusion in the registry;
  • challenging the transactions entered into by the debtor;
  • collection of receivables held by third parties;
  • levy of execution on the pledged property;
  • statement of requirements on imposing vicarious liability on the persons responsible for bringing the debtor prior to the bankruptcy;
  • preparation and support of bankruptcy creditors meeting;
  • preparation and support trades on sale of property of the debtor.