Deposit works

Agency legal and consulting support "Rout" is a partner of the non-profit partnership "Russian authors ' society for collective management of the rights of authors, publishers and other rightholders in reproduction, copying or otherwise reproducing the works of KOPIRUS.

RAO KOPIRUS is a Russian organization, property management firm copyrights on a collective basis, in accordance with articles 1242-1244 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and the Charter of RAO KOPIRUS.

RAO KOPIRUS is obliged in the interests of the Russian and foreign authors, publishers and other rightholders provide users with licenses for the use of works, collect, distribute and pay provided for such licenses, the remuneration, as well as to perform other activities related to collective management of copyright ownership.

RAO KOPIRUS carries out depositing copies of copyrighted works — intellectual property and registration of information about them in order to create a registry that contains information about the holders of the rights, as well as the objects of copyright and provide authors and other right holders of legal capacity to ensure the timely and full proof of authorship in accordance with the presumption of authorship "under the legislation of the Russian Federation (Article 1257 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation).

With the deposit Rules basic tariffs of RAO KOPIRUS and other useful information can be found on the website

For its part, the Agency provides services to explain the rout of the order the deposit of copies of works and registration information about them with RAO KOPIRUS, their legal meaning and effect, including those related to the provision of distorted or false information, assists in the preparation of documents and preparation of the information required to ensure the deposit of copies of works and registration information, performs a quality check of such documents (information) and negotiates the introduction of all necessary changes and clarifications.

Provided services

Fixed-term deposit and copyright registration in RAO KOPIRUS

International copyright registration in the Copyright Office at the library of Congress, United States

Registration of software/databases

Registration For Mass Media